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The Lost Highway

What is The Lost Highway? It's a 40 kilometre stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway in eastern Ontario and part of Highway 7 — a road that joins Toronto, Canada's biggest city, to Ottawa, the nation's capital. But why Lost Highway? Because it’s a road flanked by failed businesses and abandoned properties where people gave it their all and then gave it up for good. But what happened? And why did it happen here? And who, despite the hardship, has remained?

…even in its heyday it was tough to make a living…

Road to Ruins

…so the Kaladar motel died. But not quite…

Hubcap Hotel

…for every car that stops, a half-dozen slow,
look in, and carry on…

Running on Empty

…they might look like a kid’s lemonade stand,
but blueberries are big business…

Roadside Moguls: the (not so) local blueberry trade

…the people that were born here don’t
see this junk as junk…

There Once was a Village

…there’s got to be a documentary film in all this…

The Lost Highway Documentary Film

2015 Canadian Screen Awards
Nominee: Best Documentary Program

...when the turnaround finally happens
it's going to be spectacular...

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...you've got to have a reason to leave the highway...

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